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This Boba Fett Cake Will Have You Seeing Red

Dred Priest Cake

My daughter and I made this Dred Priest Cake for my son’s 10th birthday.  Dred Priest, my son’s favorite Star Wars character, is a Mandalorian who trains clone troopers on Kamino.  He was picked for the job by Jango Fett. 


We based the cake on my son’s Dred Priest action figure: 

Dred Priest Action Figure


Here are more pictures of the cake:

Dred Priest CakeDred Priest CakeDred Priest CakeDred Priest Cake


This is the first time that we’ve made a stand up cake of a person.  So before we began working on the cake, we had to build a complete skeletal/support system.


Cake Skeletal Structure

From watching episodes of both Ace Of Cakes and Food Network Cake Challenge we knew the most important part of the cake would be the skeletal structure. Since hammering in a nail is about the extent of our construction knowledge and ability we employed the help of my Father-in-law, who is the go to guy for any family construction project. After lots of research, we decided to make the legs out of metal pipe.  On top of the legs is the board that held his torso.  It was attached with metal flanges.  The rest of the skeletal structure was made out of PVC pipe.  Together the cake, cake board, and skeletal structure weighed around fifty pounds, so the skeletal structure had to be very sturdy.  We painted the wood and metal black, and covered as much of it as we could in the clear plastic shelf paper.


Star Wars CakeCake Skeletal StructureCake Skeletal Structure

The legs and arms were covered in modeling chocolate and then airbrushed dark brownish black.  I used caramel to help the joints stay together.

The head was made by melting caramels to make a core center for the head around the PVC pipe. The caramel was covered in modeling chocolate. A layer of red modeling chocolate was added for the final layer.  I initially tried to make the core for the head from Rice Krispies Treats, but the head kept slipping down on the PVC pipe.  

The backpack was made using Rice Krispies Treats.  Make sure to let the backpack dry well before adding the chocolate modeling clay to the outside of the backpack. If I did this again, instead of using white modeling chocolate, I would use brown modeling chocolate where ever I needed a dark color.  PVC pipe connections were placed inside the backpack so that the backpack could be connected to the body at a later time.

The gun was made by covering a piece of small diameter PVC pipe with black modeling chocolate.

The body of the cake  built using was 4 7” round cakes stacked with a cake board between each cake and  straws used as supports in each cake below the top layer.


How To Make A Boba Fett Cake


Here is a picture of my son in his Jango Fett costume posing with the cake.

Star Wars Cake