Superheroes Unite On This 6th Birthday Cake

Superhero 6th Birthday Cake

This cool 6th Birthday Cake was made by The Sugarplum Bakehouse.  It is a three tier cake with 4, 6 and 8 inch round cakes.  The cakes are vanilla and chocolate.  All tiers were airbrushed.  They were covered with fondant and then handcut decorations were added. The birthday banner is handpainted in comic style font.

Superhero Cake

I love the cake topper.  Instead of just showing Batman, it implies Batman.  The cake topper features Gotham City with the Bat Signal shining above it.  That’s a great idea. 

6th Birthday Cake

The three layers feature Superman, The Hulk, and Spider-Man.  The Superman layer is blue and has Superman’s chest emblem and a cape.  The Hulk layer is my favorite part of the cake.  It features the Hulk looking at you.  I love the Hulk’s facial expression and his hair is terrific.  The Spider-Man layer looks like Spidey’s costume.  It is red with black webbing and has Spider-Man’s chest symbol.

Birthday Cake

If you could have birthday cake featuring multiple superheroes on it, who would you pick?

I’d probably go with Superman, Batman, and Iron Man. 

I love Superman. As I’ve said in other posts before, I’m a big fan of George Reeve’s Superman.  If you say Superman, the image I see in my head is George Reeve’s version.  I also really enjoy Superman: The Animated series. 

I’m also a really big fan of Batman.  My favorite Batman is the version featured in Batman: The Animated Series.  The thing which made that animated series so amazing isn’t just that Batman was almost perfect, but that they did amazing jobs with so many of Batman’s supporting cast and villains.  Efrem Zimbalist, Jr is perfect as the voice of Alfred.  Commissioner Gordon is terrific.  His integrity and his relationship with Batman are perfect.  The two-parter which introduces Batgirl is fantastic.  I love Catwoman.  Mark Hamill’s Joker is amazing!  Harley Quinn is terrific.  She works wonderfully as a partner with either the Joker or Poison Ivy.  The first Mr. Freeze episode “Heart of Ice” is wonderful.  Likewise with The Riddler and “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?”

Somewhere I read an interview with Stan Lee where he talked about the fact that when he created Iron Man, he intentionally made Tony Stark not very likeable.  Stan Lee wanted to examine what would happen if you had a terrific hero where the man under the costume wasn’t heroic and wasn’t really that likeable.  While it is a great concept, the end result was I never really cared for Iron Man.  Robert Downey, Jr. changed all that.  He made Tony Stark a scoundrel with a heart of gold.  When Tony Stark dons the armor in the Iron Man movies and The Avengers, I don’t see Iron Man, I see Tony Stark being Iron Man.  I love the line at the end of the third Iron Man movie where Tony Stark says “I am Iron Man.”  It is not the armor that defines Tony, Tony is Iron Man. 

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