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Beam Me Up, Scotty With These Star Trek Combadge Cookies

Star Trek Comm Badge Cookies

I made these Star Trek Combadge Cookies for my son’s 14th birthday. They have Star Trek: The Original Series Badges, Star Trek:The Next Generation Combadges, Star Trek :Deep Space Nine Combadges, and Star Trek: Into Darkness badges from Star Trek the Alternate Universe.

My son is a huge Star Trek fan and he likes all of the versions of Star Trek so I wanted to make him Star Trek cookies that would represent most of the Star Trek series. 

I had a lot of fun making these cookies and I learned more about cookie making in general. The cookies were butter cookies decorated with royal icing. I realized that my icing was too thick, thus the bumps on the cookies. Next time I will know to make the icing thinner. The gold and silver were painted with gold and silver luster dust. I did a very thin black line around each part of the cookies to highlight the features of the cookies and make each feature stand out. 

I have included pictures and descriptions of the cookies below.


Star Trek Cookies

Here are the Star Trek Cookies that represent the Engineering, Command, and Science uniforms and specialty patches from Star Trek and Original Series and Star Trek the Alternate Universe.


Star Trek Original Series Badge Cookies

Here are the cookies from Star Trek: The Original Series.  This is one of my favorite versions of Star Trek.


Star Trek Nurse Chapel Cookie

 This Star Trek cookies represents Nurse Chapel’s blue uniform.  She wore an specialty patch with a red cross in the middle.  I found out this piece of trivia while making these cookies.


Star Trek Comm Badge Cookie

Scotty wore a red uniform with a gold Engineering specialty patch or badge. This Star Trek cookie represents Scotty’s uniform.


Star Trek Comm Badge Cookie

This Yellow Command Badge Star Trek Cookie represents the yellow uniform worn by William Shatner when he played Captain Kirk. The gold badge or patch with the elongated star in the center represents Command.


Star Trek Cookie

This Star Trek Cookie represents the Science specialty and is surrounded by a blue uniform. This was worn by Mr. Spock and Doctor McCoy.


Star Trek Cookie

This Star Trek cookie was done using a much thinner version of blue royal icing.


Star Trek Cookies

These cookies use the silver badges from Star Trek Alternate Reality films: Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness starring Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock, and Simon Pegg as Scotty.


Star Trek Cookie

This is the command insignia that Captain Kirk wore. The uniform is yellow and the command patch or badge is silver with an elongated star in the middle to represent Command.


Star Trek Scotty Cookie

This Star Trek cookie represents Engineering. The shirt is red and the Engineering patch or badge is silver. This was worn by Scotty.


Star Trek Comm Badge Cookies

These are Combadges from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.


Star Trek TNG Cookie

This is a Star Trek: The Next Generation Combadge Cookie.  The Communicator Badge is gold and silver. It is surrounded by a red uniform for Command. 


Star Trek Deep Comm Badge Cookie

This Communicator Badge is from later seasons of Deep Space Nine and from Voyager. The gold and Silver Combadge is surrounded by a black uniform because the top of these uniforms were black and the bottom of the uniforms were the specialty colors: red, blue, and yellow.

I highly recommend Mallory Mae’s cookie making class on Craftsy.  I am still learning a lot about how to put into practice the information that I learned from her class.

Planning a Star Trek Party? These treats will help you make it so!

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