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Cool Star Trek: The Original Series Uniform Cookies

Star Trek Uniform Cookies copy

These Star Trek Uniform Cookies include a yellow Command uniform, a red Engineering uniform, and a blue Science uniform from Star Trek: The Original Series.

I made these while making Star Trek Comm Badge cookies for my son’s 14th birthday.  I had some extra rectangular cookies and decided to experiment and make Star Trek uniform cookies. I used somewhat thin royal icing to get a smooth surface for each uniform. I used additional ticker yellow royal icing to pipe on the yellow badges and black trim and collar.


Star Trek Uniform Cookie Red

This red Star Trek cookie represents the red Engineering uniform worn by Mr. Scott. I like the way Mr. Scott could fix any engineering problem in just the nick of time in Star Trek: The Original Series.  He was quite the miracle worker.


Star Trek Uniform Cookie Yellow

This yellow Star Trek Uniform cookie represents the Command uniform of Captain Kirk.  Captain Kirk skillfully led the crew of the Enterprise on many an exciting mission. His leadership was key to the safety of the crew and the success of each mission.


Star Trek Uniform Cookie Blue

This blue Star Trek Uniform cookie represents the blue Science uniform of Mr. Spock and Doctor McCoy. 

Mr. Spock was an expert at the Science station and helped solve many of the scientific problems of the missions.

Doctor McCoy always had a word of advice for Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.  He also worked hard to solve an medical emergency that occurred. 

The friendly bantering between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy made for many hours of enjoyable television programming.

If you have any interest learning more about cook decorating, I highly recommend Mallory Mae’s cookie decorating class on Craftsy.

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