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Marvelous Frozen Fever Cake

Frozen Fever Cake

This Marvelous Frozen Fever Cake was made by Carmen’s Art Cakes. This cake represents the wonderful birthday party that Elsa and others have planned for Anna. Both cakes have yellow daisies and Olaf takes a bite out of the cake for Anna.

This single layer 5th birthday cake is aqua-blue. The cake is the same color as the multi-tiered cake that Elsa had made for Anna’a birthday party. There are yellow daisies scattered all over the cake. A bright yellow plaque on the side of the cake shows the birthday name and age.  The cake is trimmed on the bottom with a yellow border. The cake board is the same blue as the cake. There is a yellow ribbon with small flowers around the side of the cake board.

Frozen Fever Cake

Anna and Elsa have their backs to each other.  They are glancing at each other.  There is a smile on their faces. Behind them are several yellow daisies with brown centers, aka. brown-eyed Susans.

Olaf has just taken a bite out of the cake so he has cake icing all around his mouth. The cake still has the bite taken out of it, before Olaf put it back.

Frozen Fever Cake

Olaf Cake

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