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Fabulous Frozen Cake Pops

Frozen Cake Pops

Welcome to Cake Pop Princess week on Between the Pages! Bianca Benn, aka The Cake Pop Princess, makes amazing Cake Pops.  So, for the next five days, I’m going to be featuring some of her absolutely amazing work.  The Cake Pop Princess is located in England.  She can be found on the web, Facebook, and Twitter.  I think Twitter is where I first saw Cake Pop Princess’ amazing sweets. 

Today, I’m spotlighting her Frozen Cake pops featuring Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.  The two cake pops at the top of this post are Olaf and Princess Anna.  Olaf has his three hairs sticking up, a big grin with his one tooth showing, and a carrot nose.  Olaf is the eternal optimist, so he looks happy.  Just like in the movie beside Olaf is Anna.  I love this Anna Cake Pop.  Anna has orange hair which is braided into two pony tails.  There is a streak of white running through her hair.  Anna’s hair is amazing! Anna has big blue eyes, a button nose, and freckles.


Princess Anna Cake Pop

As you can see with this terrific Princess Anna Cake Pop, Bianca does an amazing job hand sculpting cake pops.  The detail on this cake pop is wonderful.  Anna has orange hair braided into two pony tales.  Her orange hair has a white streak in it.  Anna’s winter dress has a black top with gold trim.  The bottom of the dress is blue.  Both the top and bottom of the dress have a pink flower pattern on them.  On the top of the dress, green vines spread out and have pink flowers blooming from them.  On the bottom of the dress, there is a row of green plants with pink flowers.


Anna and Elsa Cake Pops

Here are Anna and Elsa together. Elsa’s blond hair is tied into a single braid.  Bianca painted part of Elsa dress a silver and blue combination to represent the sheer cape that Elsa wears.  The rest of the dress is blue with snow flakes painted on it.


Olaf Cake Pop

Here is a full body version of Olaf.  Olaf is made out of three balls of snow – two for his body and one for his head.  Olaf has a big grin with his one tooth showing, a carrot nose, and  three hairs sticking up at the top of his head,. He has stick arms and three coal buttons.  The bottom snowball has cute little snow feet sticking out of it.

Hope your enjoyed today’s post.  Remember to come back tomorrow for more of Cake Pop Princess’ magic on a stick.

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