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Superb Chibi Superhero Cake

Chibi Superhero Cake

This Superb Chibi Superhero Cake was made by Custom Cake Designs. This third birthday cake features Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Flash, and Green Lantern. This third birthday cake was made using the birthday boy’s favorite characters. He had fun naming each of the characters on his birthday cake. This is a nice assortment of Marvel and D.C. Comics Superheroes.

The cake board has a brown brick pattern. Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Iron Man, and the Flash are standing on the brick. The bottom cake layer is yellow and with black building silhouettes. The windows in the buildings are yellow. The top cake layer is red with a black spider on the side to represent Spider-Man. There is a black ribbon at the bottom of the cake layer. The birthday name is written in yellow letters on the top of the cake. Superman and Batman are on the top of the cake.

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