Marvelous Two Tier Hand Painted Cinderella Cake With Cinderella Standing on Top

Cinderella Cake

This Marvelous Cinderella Cake was made by Zavrzlama. Cinderella is standing on top of the cake wearing her blue dress. Her blonde hair is tied up in a bun. There are tiny pink and green flowers on either side of her. She has a whimsical smile on her face.

On the side of the top layer of the cake just below Cinderella, there is a large gold edged name plaque with the birthday name written in blue and gold letters. Just to one side of the birthday name plaque is a grandfather clock that is about to strike midnight. There is a white dove on the other side of the name plaque at the top of the cake layer. The bottom part of this cake layer has a few pink and purple flowers and green plants.

The bottom layer of the cake has a handprinted version of Cinderella’s carriage. The carriage is outlined in gold. Pink curtains are in the middle of the carriage. The wheels are gold rimmed with blue spirals on the inside. There are pumpkins just outside the carriage. There are stars and swirls just outside the carriage to show that it is about to change back to a pumpkin. The carriage is speeding away from the royal castle of the prince. A picture of the castle is near the carriage. There are green trees just to the side of the castle.

The cake board has grass painted below the carriage.  There is a blue pond in front of the castle. 

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