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Terrific Merlin The Wizard Cake

Merlin Cake

This Terrific Merlin Cake was made by Manuela Scala Cake Design. Merlin is holding his magic wand in his hand. He is wearing his long blue wizard’s robe and his pointed blue wizard’s hat. His long white beard reaches down to the hem of his robe.  

There are books on the floor at his feet. One book has a yellow number seven with yellow stars to represent the birthday age. In front of him, there is a large blue wizard’s cape with gold stars and gold trim. The Birthday name is spelled out in lighter blue letters on top of the blue cape.

This single layer Disney Birthday cake is brown to represent a wooden floor on which Merlin is standing.

Merlin tried to teach young Wart, the future King Arthur, to use brains over brawn. Merlin used his magic to change Arthur and himself into fish.  Arthur had to figure out how to swim and how to avoid getting eaten by larger fish. Merlin changed them into squirrels and they had girl squirrels who were chasing them. Marlin changed Arthur into a bird and Archimedes the owl taught him how to fly. In each case, Arthur had to use to brain and think about what to do in the situation and how to successfully survive.

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