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Adorable Gamorrean Guard Bobble Head Cake

Gamorrean Guard Bobble Head Cake

The Adorable Gamorrean Guard Bobble Head Cake was made by Sweet Disposition Cakes.  She made this cake for her son’s birthday.  Lisa’s son owns a Funko POP Gamorrean Guard Action Figure, so Lisa made an edible version of the figure.

I like how the cake is the same color as the Gamorrean Guard’s outfit and that the bottom of the cake even has the same belt.


Gamorrean Guard Bobble Head

Here is the cake topper beside her son’s Gamorrean Guard.  The likeness is amazing!!!

As I talked about in Wednesday’s post, I am a big fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, especially the books.  One character that I like is Gamorrean named Piggy.

Voort saBinring, aka Piggy, is a genetically altered Gamorrean who is a member of Wraith Squadron.  Unlike most Gamorrean’s he speaks basic and is brilliant.  So much so that for a while, he was a mathematics professor.  He is an extremely good looking Gamorrean and on some covert missions had the cover of a male dancer.  Piggy would be a fun character no matter what planet he came from, but having him be such an unusual Gamorrean makes the character even more enjoyable.