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Invite Olaf To Lunch With This Disney Bento Box

Olaf Bento BoxOlaf Bento Box

Invite Olaf to lunch with these Disney Bento Boxes. No Disney Frozen fan could resist such a cute and adorable healthy lunch.

Olaf’s head, body, and feet are made of white rice.  Olaf’s buttons and mouth were made of seaweed. His twig hand is holding two pieces of cheese. His nose is a carrot, just like in the Disney Movie Frozen. Olaf’s tooth is a piece of egg and his eyes are pieces of egg and seaweed. He could be stuffed with a filling and would become Onigiri.

These Fabulous Olaf Bento Boxes were made by Momo’s Obentou

The yellow cheese squares, red cherry tomato, green lettuce, green snow peas, green beans, fried brown balls, sweet potato slices, apple slices, and broccoli add a nice touch of color to these Frozen Bento Boxes.

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