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Marvelous Good Dinosaur Cake

The Good Dinosaur Cake

This Magnificent The Good Dinosaur Cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. The human, Spot, is sitting on top of the Grain Silo belonging to Arlo’s Apatosaurus Dinosaur family. Spot has a big smile on his face. As each member of the family proves themselves, that member of the Dinosaur family places his or her footprint on the silo.

Arlo is standing beside the silo. His head is near the set of Dinosaur family footprints which now includes his. 

The Spot and Arlo figures look wonderful.

The cake board is green to represent grass around the silo. The birthday name is written on white letters on the cake board.

The Good Dinosaur Cake  

There is a dark yellow number 4 beside Spot to represent the birthday age.