Fabulous Alice In Wonderland Cake

Alice In Wonderland Cake

This Fabulous Alice in Wonderland Cake was made by Florence Devouge.  This Storybook Alice In Wonderland cake features Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Ace of Spades playing card, and the Queen of Hearts.

At the top of this cake is the Mad Hatter dressed in a brown jacket and pants and a green hat. He is sitting on a green hat worn by the Cheshire Cat. The cheshire cat’s green hat has gold trim, and a pink hat band. There are cookies all over this hat. Below the Cheshire Cat are rose bushes with white and red roses. Some of the white roses have been partially painted red. The Queen of Hearts and the Ace of Spades is standing in front of the rose bushes. The Queen of Hearts is standing on a stack of Lewis Carroll’s books written about Alice.  Alice is standing beside the cake. She is wearing her blue dress and white apron.  The cake board is green to represent grass. There are red and white mushrooms on the cake board. 

Alice In Wonderland Cake  

Alice In Wonderland Cake

Cheshire Cat Cake

Mad Hatter Cake

Queen of Hearts Cake

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