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Terrific Chinese Opera Cookies

Chinese Opera Cookies

This Terrific Chinese Opera Cookies were made by Marta Torres from The Cookie Lab is Lisboa Portugal.   

This Terrific Chinese Opera Cookies were made for the Music Around The World – Cake Notes Collaboration which is a cake collaboration that gathered forty-one cake and sugar artists from all over the world to celebrate the International Day of Music in the sweetest way. The collaboration covers cultural aspects of music made around the world, representing music genres and instruments from all over the world.

Here is Marta’s bio:

Marta Torres (The Cookie Lab – Bolachas Decoradas Artesanais), is originally from Lisbon, Portugal. Marta started out her professional career in banking- a completely different world from cookie dough and piping bags-, but after marrying, her husband´s work took her to Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan and Spain. During that time she worked as a freelancer for a few years translating technical manuals for digital equipment, but it was in Japan where she really began to cook and bake for fun. First to entertain friends, but then Marta took an opportunity to study at culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of America. While still in Japan, Marta was invited to collaborate in a project sponsored by the Portuguese Embassy to teach Portuguese Traditional Cooking to locals. She was soon after also invited by an International Cooking School to do the same. A sudden move from Tokyo to Madrid left her jobless. She attended her first cookie decorating class in Madrid and it wasn’t love at first sight, royal icing was unfamiliar and challenging. It was only some time later after moving to Portugal that, after 6 hard months of practice, Marta entered Julia Ushers Christmas Cookie Contest and won first prize (Julia Usher´s Cookie Connection site). She became well known among cookie artists and cookie lovers. After seeing her work, Marta started to get invitations to teach cookie decorating all over the world. USA, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Spain and Portugal were the next stops for her “Master Classes”. Marta´s work has been featured in magazines, blogs, even national television. A Portuguese Cake Decoration magazine – “Bolos Decorados” created a Special Edition on just her work and other magazines in Spain, France and Portugal also routinely publish her work. Marta continues to win awards and was one of the 3 finalists of The Cookier of the Year 2014 from the site Cookie Connection. Recently, Marta was one of the 4 Finalists to the prestigious “Cake Master Magazine Awards, 2015” (AKA Oscars) on Cookies category. Marta has been participating in several International group projects ( for instance: Gardens of the World Collaboration, UNSA – Getting to zero (HIV/AIDS awareness), Sugar Art 4 Autism, Avant Garde Cake, featuring some of the top cake and cookie artists and is currently involved in 4 other similar projects. Lately Marta was invited as “Jury Member” at the Portuguese “Cake Fest” – Exponor (Porto, Portugal) and as “Special Guest” and “Jury Member” at the “2016 International Cake Show” (Istanbul, Turkey) where besides his duties as member of the Jury, as “Special Guest” she also taught a Master Class to a select group of students. Next step is on October, at Milan (Italy) where she has been asked to teach 2 days of workshops as well as participating as “Guest Star and Jury Member of the 2016 Cake Festival” Royal Icing and cookies has certainly changed her life, she looks back and then realizes it has only been 3 and a half years since she started decorating cookies but so much has happened between then and now that it is life changing. 

Chinese Opera Cookies  

Here is Marta’s description of these Fabulous cookies:

Having spent 15 years of my life in Asia, being 4 of them in Hong Kong, China, I had the opportunity of watching Chinese Opera a few times. The colors of the character´s outfits and their makeup always caught my attention. My selection for this form of music and theatre, was a natural choice and a tribute to the country that hosted me and taught me so many things. 

Chinese Opera Cookies