Marvelous Alice In Wonderland 30th Birthday Cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

This Marvelous Alice In Wonderland 30th Birthday Cake was made by Pink Cake Box.

This is a multi-tiered cake. The Mad Hatter’s hat is on the top of the cake.

The top layer of the cake is blue. It has the words Alice and the number 30 to represent the birthday age.

The bottom cake layer is white with pink stripes. On top of it is a golden key. 

The White Rabbit is in the top tea cup in a stack of tea cups on the cake board. The White Rabbbit’s gold pocket watch is on the other side of the cake. 

There are Alice in Wonderland Cookies in front of the cake. There is a gold key cookie, a cookie shaped like the White Rabbit’s pocket watch, an Ace of Hearts Cookie, a cookie with the number thirty in gold letters,  and a heart shaped cookie with black and white checkerboard squares.

Alice In Wonderland Cake

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