Fabulous Bob Mackie Barbie Designer Black Wedding Cake

Barbie Fashion Wedding Cake

This Fabulous Bob Mackie Barbie Designer Black Wedding Cake was made by Jessica Ting from Miss Shortcakes.   

This Fabulous Bob Mackie Barbie Designer Black Wedding Cake was made for the Wedding Cakes Inspired By Fashion A Worldwide Collaboration which is a cake collaboration where cake artists have created wedding cakes inspired by Barbie Doll designers such as Magia 200 Italy Designer Duo Mario Paglimo and Gianni Grossi, Bill Greening, Bob Mackie, Eaki, Krikor Jobotian, Alex Blas, Ovaz Designs, and others.

Bob Mackie Barbie Designer Wedding Cake 2

Here is Jessica’s description of this Wonderful cake:

My piece takes inspiration from Bob Mackie . The textural aspect of this dress, and of course the black and white “fan” style collar on the dress. I decided to make the black and white collars, as fantasy flowers for my piece. Each petal was wired, and thin fondant strips, applied on each petal, to resemble the fan. Then I clustered 4 petals together, and taped them to form a flower. The textural aspect, comes from black edible sequins, all over the cake.

Bob Mackie Barbie Designer

Here’s the doll that inspired this cake.