Terrific Steampunk Gentleman Cake

Steampunk Gentleman Cake

This Terrific Steampunk Gentleman Cake was made by Valentina Terzieva of Valentina’s Sugarland located in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria.

This Marvelous cake was created for the Steam Cakes – Steampunk Collaboration. To celebrate the Steampunk International Day, Cake Artists from around the world gathered to create their own edible Steampunk masterpieces. 

This Steampunk Gentleman is wearing bronze metal goggles on his head. The detail of his gray hair and wrinkles on his face is terrific. He has bright blue eyes. He is wearing a dark brown Victorian jacket and copper colored ascot that blends well with the color of his goggles.


Steampunk Gentleman Cake  

Here’s Valentina’s description of this Wonderful Cake:

Sir Steam-a-lot Sir Steam-a-lot is a time traveler, made out of modelling chocolate. He is the first of his kind for me. Usually I make small figurines and most of them are females. This time I wanted to do something different – big 3D bust of an old crincled man. And I love how he turned! I had so much fun making him that I am sure, this will not be the last time 🙂


Steampunk Gentleman Cake

A great picture of an edible pocket watch.


Steampunk Gentleman Cake

Notice the crank key beside him.

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