Cupcakes Flintstones

Fantastic Flintstones Cupcakes and Cookies

Flintstones Cupcakes

Flintstones Cupcakes

These wonderful Flintstones Cupcakes were made by Deliciase Docespi. They feature Wilma, Fred, Pebbles, Betty, Barney, Bamm-Bamm, and Dino.  The characters look perfect.


Flintstones Cupcakes

Fred Flintstones Cupcake

Here is a close-up of Fred Flintstone.


Flintstones Cupcakes

Flintstones Cupcakes

The bottom two cupcakes look like Fred Flintstone’s outfit and tie.  The top three cupcakes are the number two, but the number two is made to look like it is cut out of cloth similar to what Fred wears.


Flintstones Cookidx

Flintstones Cookies

Two of these cookies look like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubbles’ clothes.  There are cookies shaped like bones, a big leg of meat like Fred likes to eat, and Bamm-Bamm’s club.  In the middle is a cookie reading “Yabba Dabba Doo”.

Planning a Flintstones Party? Check out these wonderful Flintstones Cakes and Cupcakes.

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