Love Is In The Air With This Wonderful Batman Wedding Cake

Batman Wedding Cake

This stunning Batman Wedding Cake was made by Vanilica Cake Shop. I’ve been privileged to make a super hero themed wedding cake. It is really challenging because you have to find the right balance between geeky and elegant.  This cake does an amazing job at balancing both. 

I love the simplicity of the design. Because the cake isn’t too busy, your eyes are drawn to the silhouette and the balloons.  Since the cake is white, you barely even notice the actual cake. This is so much harder to do than it looks. Since you want the cake to fade into the background, your fondant has to be flawless. Any imperfection will stand out.  Since your eyes are drawn to the silhouette, it has to be perfect. I really like how the balloon strings continue on the top tier. The image of the bride in her wedding dress and Batman facing her with one arm around her is wonderful. It strikes the balance I was talking about before wonderfully.

The use of color on this cake is terrific. What’s black and white and red all over? This lovely cake. The only color on the cake is red, the color most associated with love and romance.  Notice the tiny ribbon of red around the bottom of the cake. That is the only red on the bottom layer and helps tie the two layers together.

If you can’t tell by all my gushing, I absolutely love this cake!

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