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Fresh Fruit Pooh Valentine Pie

Fresh Fruit Pooh Valentine Pie
Fresh Fruit Pooh Valentine Pie

This is the 1st of 14 Valentine posts ending on Valentine’s Day. I’m starting with Winnie the Pooh characters that remind me of childrens Valentine’s cards. This post features Pooh and tomorrow’s post will feature another Hundred Acre Wood character.

This fresh fruit Pooh Valentine pie features Winnie the Pooh holding a red heart shaped balloon. He is lookup up that the balloon with a smile on his face.  Pooh was made using red watermelon, gold cantelope. His eye and nose are black grapes. In addition, he is surrounded by a green grape background. The string of the balloon is a string made from black grape peel.

This wonderful food art was made by Edible Food Art for Kids.

A round wooden platter houses this piece and makes it look somewhat like a fruit pie. It’s amazing that such a cute character can be made using fresh fruit.

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