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Winnie The Pooh Cakes On A Stick

Winnie The Pooh Cakes On A Stick
Winnie The Pooh Cakes On A Stick
Winnie The Pooh Cakes On A Stick

This cute Winnie The Pooh Cakes On A Stick were made by Formigaprendada. Kelen made these cute mini cakes for a 1st birthday. They feature Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Roo.

I really like how Kelen designed these. One most of these little cakes she painted grass and little plants. Then, the characters are cut out of fondant and placed on top. This given these cakes on a stick a real 3-D look. That alone would have made these look fantastic, but Kelen didn’t stop there. Most characters have other items on their cake. Eeyore has baloons. Tiger has a tree. Pooh has two honey bees. 

Plus, the characters aren’t all in the same static pose. Tigger’s little cake has a close-up of his face. Piglet looks like he is dancing. Roo is motion to you to come here.

Kelen also added a cake with a honeycomb and the number one. There is a sign with the child’s name on it. The sign has honey dripping on it, honey bees and flowers. Where are all these bees coming from? Probably the mini cake with a beehive on it!

My favorite thing about these cakes on a stick is something you can’t see. There honey and caramel flavored. I think Pooh would approve of honey cake or should that be hunny cake?

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