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Moon Knight Cookie

Moon Knight Cookie

Moon Knight Cookie

Moon Knight Cookie

This stunning Moon Knight Cookie was made by Lisa Lazoff. The detail on this cookie is wonderful. Moon Knight’s costume looks like the wrapping you would see on a mummy. His face is covered except around his white eyes. His cowl has a white crescent moon on it. He is wearing a gold crescent moon pendant. The cookie is also framed in gold and has ancient writing on it.

I haven’t seen Moon Knight yet, but I’ve read some of his comics over the years. The original series by Doug Moench & Bill Sienkiewicz is absolutely amazing. The origin of the character Moon Knight is fascinating because he didn’t begin as a super hero. His roots were in a horror comic.

In the 1970s, the Comics Code Authority slight lessened their restrictions on what horror elements could be included in comics. This caused both DC and Marvel Comics to created multiple horror themed comics. The most famous is probably DC’s Swamp Thing. One of Marvel’s titles. Werewolf by Night, featured a young man named Jack Russell (one of Marvel’s worst puns ever) who inherited lycanthropy from his father. In Werewolf by Night #32, a new character was created to fight Jack Russell. He was moon themed and threw silver crescent moons. This character was Moon Knight. Marvel saw enough potential in the character that he was given a few solo try outs in comics and black and white magazines before being award his own title. Moon Knight was one of the first comics published that was sold only in comic book stores.

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