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Captain America Cake and Cookies

Captain America Cake
Captain America Cake

Happy 4th of July!

These Captain America cake and cookies features a red white and blue 2 tier cake with a fondant figure of  Captain America on top.  The top tier is blue with white stars and the bottom tier is covered in red and white stripes.  Moreover, the cake board is covered in blue fondant on the top and it has a red fondant border.

I thought this cake would be perfect to celebrate the 4th of July. Also, I wanted to share some interesting information about Cap. Captain America is America’s first avenger. He first appeared in Captain America comics in 1941. His costume has the colors and patterns of the American flag.  He was a patriotic superhero. In addition, in the 1948 comics, his girlfriend was Betsy Ross.  She became the superhero named Golden Girl.

These wonderful cake and cookies were made by MileBian by Lucia Loro.

Captain America cookies
Captain America cookies

Captain America cookies and cake pops

In addition, these Captain America cookies feature a blue and white cookie in the shape of his cowl.  Another cookie is Captain America’s shield. Matching cake pops are behind the cookies. These would be perfect for a Captain America birthday party or a July 4th patriotic celebration.

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