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More Ghibli Cakes and Cookies

Ghibli Castle in the Sky Cake
Castle in the Sky Cake

These Ghibli character Cakes and Cookies feature many different characters from Ghibli studio’s films:  Kiki’s Delivery Service, Grave of Fireflies, Whispers of the Heart, Arrietty, Porko Rosso, & Castle in the Sky. .  This wonderful  Castle in the Sky cake was made by Henry Ng from S.O.S. Cakery

Ghibi Studios 30th Anniversary Sugar Art Collaboration  features edible sugar art works from many Artists from around the world to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Studio Ghibli.  Studio Ghibli Inc. is a Japanese animation film studio headquartered in Koganei, Tokyo. Its mascot and most recognizable symbol is a character named Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. Among the studio’s highest-grossing films are Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Ponyo.   

This is the last of 4 posts about this collaboration. This post features cakes with characters from several different Ghibli films. These posts feature only a sampling of this terrific collaboration. Please visit Ghibi Studios 30th Anniversary Sugar Art Collaborationto see all of these terrific creations.

Artist’s description of this piece:

Castle in the Sky is a 1986 Japanese animated fantasy adventure film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It was the first film produced by Studio Ghibli ands produced for Tokuma Shoten. It follows the adventures of a young boy and girl in the late 19th century attempting to keep a magic crystal from a group of military agents, while searching for a legendary floating castle. I made the machine hand over the flower to Shita. It’s represent without war or country conflict, everyone can live peaceful and harmony.

Ghibli Porko Rosso Cake
Porko Rosso Cake

This wonderful  cake was made by Ileana Zoltana from Sugar Mama

Artist’s description of this piece:

The plot revolves around an Italian World War I ex-fighter ace, now living as a freelance bounty hunter chasing “air pirates” in the AdriaBc Sea. However, an unusual curse has transformed him into an anthropomorphic pig. Once called Marco Pagot (Marco Rossolini in the American version), he is now known to the world as “Porco Rosso”, Italian for “Red Pig” or “Red Pork”. Although it was never menBoned in the movie, a press release states that he was disillusioned with humanity, and cursed himself to be a pig. Miyazaki stated that “When a man becomes middle-aged, he becomes a pig”. Marco Pagot, aka Porco Rosso, was possibly based on Ensign Charles Hammann, a US Navy fighter pilot during WWI. I choose this character because is my sons favorite.

Arriety Cookie
Arrietty Cookie

This wonderful cookie was made by Ellen-Marie Barker of Sugar Ninja Cakes

Artist’s description of this piece:

Arrietty is based on the story of the borrowers. We are huge Studio Ghibli fans in our house but there could only be one choice when it came to choosing my inspiration for this collaboration as one of my daughters is namee after the film. She was born 8 weeks premature and at just over 3lbs, being so tiny, the name Arrietty seemed apt.

Whispers of the Heart Cookies
Whispers of the Heart Cookies

These wonderful  cookies were made by Becky Rodriquez from Becky Cake. 

Artist’s description of this piece:

I am a huge fan of the Studio Ghibli movies. One of my favorites is Whispers of the Heart. The inspiration for this piece is The Baron. The young girl in the movie sees a cat statue in an antique shop and discovers he is called The Baron. Later she learns the story of The Baron from the shop’s owner.
I used gingerbread and fondant for the base. The cat, antique box, and bottles are gingerbread cookies decorated with royal icing. The basket is gingerbread. All of the flowers and foliage cookies are decorated with fondant and royal icing.

Ghibli Grave of Fireflies cookies
Grave of Fireflies cookies

These wonderful  cookies were made by Clarisa Borunda from Sweet Memories

Artist’s description of this piece:

I love Studio Ghibli movies and one of my favorites Is The grave of fireflies, cause Is a really sad story, but at the same as a lovely message, the love of your family, how when you are only you and your sister and have the responsability to become a man and protect her against the world, a cruelty one. But there’re so many difficulties, the indiference, the selfish of people, this Is when everything turns wrong and at the end of the day both of these little kids found their destination and both die.

I try to represent two scenes very meaning full in a dimensional cookie, i decorated It with coloured royal icing, some details are hand painted.

Kikis Delivery Service cake
Kikis Delivery Service cake

This wonderful  cake was made by Cristina Arevalo from The Art cake Experience

Artist’s description of this piece:

This piece is inspired by Kiki from Kiki Delivery Service. My idea was to portrait an older Kiki flying with her cat and giving her the look of my sugar dolls. This was also inspired by fan art illustrations. I used modeling paste for Kiki and her cat, and the painting of the landscape is also inspired by a promotional poster illustration and painted using Portaleo Oil Painting. Hope you like it!

Ghibi Fox Squirrel Cake
Ghibi Fox Squirrel Cake

This wonderful  cake was made by Muna Fadhil from Muna Suker Cake Company

Artist’s description of this piece:

Fox Squirrel
I chose this character because it is likable. As well as the rest of the characters, they are always lively and interteresting.

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