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Dino The Dinosaur Cake

Dino The Dinosaur Cake
Dino The Dinosaur Cake

This cute Dino The Dinosaur Cake was made by Hanimis. It is a 2-D carved cake of Dino’s head. Dino has a blue collar with a gold dinosaur license. Dino is smiling and looking to one side. He has three little hairs sticking up from the top of his head. The cake board is a yellowish gold and has three hearts on it.

I’ve always liked Dino. Did you know that the version everyone knows and loves is actually the third version of Dino? 

The very first appearance of the Flintstones was in a little Golden Book. It was developed so early on that it had Fred and Wilma’s son – Fred Jr in it. It is a cute story about Fred Jr. bringing home a little dinosaur, named Harvey, that he wants to keep as a pet. The little dinosaur grows and grows until he is gigantic and eats a ton. Unhappily, Fred and Wilma tell Fred Jr. that he can no longer keep Harvey as his pet. Later, Fred is in a boating accident and Harvey saves Fred’s life. The book ends with them keeping Harvey as their pet. Harvey is large green dinosaur with spots, but the face is very similar to Dino’s. The idea of the Flintstones having a pet dinosaur and a lot of Dino’s looks originated with this book. 

The Flintstone’s cartoon wasn’t aired in the order that the cartoon were produced. The first animated appearance of Dino was in the episode – The Snorkasaurus Hunter. The Snorkasaurus looks a lot like Dino, but he walks standing up on his back legs and talks. He reminds me of Top Cat because both were patterned after Phil Silvers. At the end of the cartoon, the Snorkasaurus is serving as the family butler.

They finally settled on making Dino the family’s pet dog and I think that worked best. I really couldn’t see Dino the wisecracking butler lasting. While Harvey was cute, I think being gigantic would have made it harder to fit him into stories easily. 

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