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Mickey & Minnie Wedding Strawberries

These three black and white Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wedding Strawberries show Minnie in her dress, Mickey in his tux and the two of them kissing.
Mickey & Minnie Wedding Strawberries

These wonderful Mickey & Minnie Wedding Strawberries were made by Berry Lush Bites. There are three black and white berries in this set.

One strawberry is Minnie in her wedding gown. She has white bow and is wearing pearls. The dress is white with little swirls on it.

One strawberry is Mickey in his tuxedo. Mickey’s tux is black with white trim and he is wearing a bowtie.

The middle strawberry is solid white with a silhouette of Mickey and Minnie kissing. There is a little heart between them.

These are so cute and romantic!

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