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Happy Halloween From Goofy’s Mummy

Goofy Mummy Cookie

Happy Halloween from Goofy’s Mummy!  This cookies features Goofy dressed in a Mummy costume. My husband and I love all of the Disney characters so I made this cookie for Halloween.  If you like this cookie, you may also like the entire set that includes cookies of Dracula Mickey Mouse and Red Devil Donald Duck.

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This Count Mickey Mouse Cake has Mickey popping out of a pumpkin.

This amazing cupcake tower features Donald as a red devil, Mickey Mouse as Dracula, Minnie Mouse as a witch, Daisy Duck as a princess, Goofy as a mummy and Pluto as a skeleton.

In addition, these Donald Duck Halloween costume cookies feature Donald in a red devil costume and a Jack-o-Lantern costume.

Here is an adorable Dracula Mickey Cake.

This Count Mickey Cake goes for a more spooky look.