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Mickey Donald Goofy Halloween Cookies

MIckey Donald Goofy Halloween Cookies
MIckey Donald Goofy Halloween Cookies

I made these Mickey Donald Goofy Halloween cookies for this Halloween season.  They include Mickey dresses as Count Dracula, Donald dressed as a red devil, and Goofy dressed as a mummy.  I think these 3 Disney characters make an adorable Halloween set. I used these cookie to try out new cookie design techniques.

Goofy Mummy Cookie

How I Made this Goofy Mummy Halloween Cookie

First, for this Mummy Goofy Halloween cookie, I airbrushed the entire cookie in yellow, then highlighted in light orange. Then I used a Cricut to cut out a stencil of carved pumpkin faces and airbrushed these over the cookie.  Once all this dried. I used Photoshop Elements layers to draw an outline and used the Cricut to make a stencil  for the shape of Goofy.

Next I used white royal icing to form a silhouette of Goofy’s shape so I could draw him on the cookie.  I wanted to use a stencil so that the royal icing would be very thin. In addition I used edible paints and markers to draw the mummy bandages and Goofy’s features.  I like the way this looked because Goofy seems to stay out from the background since he is on a separate thin piece of royal icing. Also the  extra royal icing is thin enough to not alter the taste of the cookie. Goofy was based on a 2011 Disneyland Halloween pin.

Red Devil Donald Duck Cookie

Secondly, for this red devil Donald Duck Halloween cookie I used a different technique.  I draw on the silhouette of Donald and the pumpkin and totally colored everything in. Once Donald was finished, I used brushes to dab on different shades of orange to simulate the airbrushed background of Goofy.  I hand drew in Jack-o-Lantern faces onto the cookie.  Donald does not stand out as much as Goofy since he is not on a separate royal icing layer, but I did not have to create a separate stencil for him either. Donald is based on an iron-on decal by Etsy shop MilaVita.

Dracula Mickey Halloween Cookie

Thirdly, I used the same technique as with the Donald cookie to create this Count Dracula Mickey Mouse Halloween cookie. I drew on an outline of Mickey, the colored him completely.  Next I used brushes to dab on shades of orange for the rest of the cookie background.  This Count Dracula Mickey Mouse was based on a Pin Pack Disney limited edition Halloween 2020 boxed pin set.  

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