Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell Makes A Cake

Tinker Bell Makes A Cake
Tinker Bell Makes A Cake

A-va from Tahmina Cake Art must have used pixie dust to make this magical cake which shows Tinker Bell making a cake. This cake is absolutely lovely!

The cake features a 3rd birthday cake. It is two tiers and is decorated with pink and blue butterflies and flowers. The cake is so small that it fits on a leaf. But that’s because the cake was created by Tinker Bell. Tink is leaning over the cake adding the little stars that top the cake.


Tinker Bell Cake Figure

A-va’s Tinker Bell is marvelous. She is standing on her tippy-toes and leaning forward. She is smiling and concentrating while she adds little stars to the top of the cake. Her wings are out to give her balance and she has her other arm out to the side for balance as well. She is wearing her usual leaf green dress, slippers and hair tie.

This is such a wonderful cake!

Looking for Tinker Bell party ideas?

These great Disney Princess Cookies feature 18 different Disney characters when they where little. The tiny Tinker Bell is too cute!

This steampunk Tinker Bell is amazing!

Butterflies are flying around Tinker Bell on this gorgeous cake.

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