4 Snoopy Snow Globe Cookies

Snoopy & Woodstock's Christmas Tree
Snoopy & Woodstock’s Christmas Tree

These cute Snoopy Snow Globe Cookies were made by Henri’s Late Night Bake Shoppe. Each Snow Glove shows Snoopy celebrating Christmas. This snow globe has Snoopy and Woodstock, each wearing a Santa hat, looking at Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas specials, so I really like this cookie.


Snow Globe Cookie of Snoopy & Woodstock sharing a scarf
Snoopy & Woodstock Share A Scarf

Here are Snoopy and Woodstock with a scarf built for two. If you look below Snoopy and Woodstock, you’ll see that Henri included the snow since these are Snow Globes.


Snow Globe Cookie of Snoopy's Dog House Decorated For Christmas
Snoopy’s Dog House Decorated For Christmas

This Snow Globe shows Snoopy asleep on his dog house. The dog house is decorated with Christmas lights.


Snow Globe Cookie of Snoopy Building A Snowman
Snoopy Builds A Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Snoopy and Woodstock are putting the final touches on theirs.

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