Gold Coins & Scrooge McDuck Cake

Gold Coin & Scrooge McDuck Cake
Gold Coin & Scrooge McDuck Cake

This gold coin & Scrooge McDuck cake features a hand-painting of him on the side of the cake.  He is surrounded by stacks of fondant gold coins. 

This wonderful cake was made by Nameless Cake. The cake was covered in fondant. In addition, it looks like it was airbrushed in black and Scrooge McDuck was then hand-painted onto a piece of fondant and attached.  A gold coin is stuck into the cake just above his hand to make it look like he just tossed it in the air. Also I like the way his hat is a separate cake. And since the hat brim above his head sticks above the cake it looks just like he is wearing the hat.

In addition Scrooge has become such a popular character that he has his own store in the new Disney themed video game Dreamlight Valley. I have really enjoyed playing the game. Every day I play I always check Scrooge McDuck’s store to see his latest merchandise. I also like that he is the one who does all of the house and business upgrades.   The role fits him well.  

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