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Minnie & Mickey Love to Moon & Back Cake

Minnie & Mickey Love to Moon & Back Cake

This Minnie & Mickey Love to Moon & Back Cake is the perfect example of a couple in love.  This cake has a great fondant figures of both of them sitting on the moon.  Also the words I love you to the moon and back again are written on the moon. This couple truly exemplifies this saying.  In addition tt makes me think of Mickey & Minnie’s Gift of the Magi in Disney’s Once Upon A Christmas animated special.

 Moreover the cake is a simple single tier white fondant cake with this topper and a single fondant 3D red heart sticking out of the side of the cake.  this works well to draw your attention to the cake topper. This wonderful cake was made by Torta Od Snova.

Minnie & Mickey Love to Moon & Back Cake

In addition here’s a close-up.  I wonder if the moon was made using Rice Krispies Treats covered in fondant. Also the words I Love You to the Moon and back again were written using an edible marker. Moreover it’s adorable the way Mickey are hugging while sitting on the crescent shaped moon.  This is the perfect couple for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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