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Baby Hercules 1st Birthday Cake

Baby Hercules 1st Birthday Cake
Baby Hercules 1st Birthday Cake
Baby Hercules 1st Birthday Cake

This baby Hercules 1st birthday cake features him with baby Pegasus on top of the cake. His symbol of the gods medallion is on the side of the top tier. The bottom tier has the white columns of Mount Olympus.

This wonderful cake was made by Little Cherry Cake Company. This cake is so adorable. I love the design. Fondant figures of baby Hercules and baby Pegasus are on the top of the cake. Your eyes are drawn to them.  He is wearing a gold medallion with a lightning bolt on one side and his name on the other side. I like the way a much larger copy of the medallion is on the side of the top tier of the cake. In addition the top tier is light blue to represent the sky.  The top looks like fluffy white clouds to represent them being above the clouds on Mount Olympus.  Also a gold lightning bolt is on the side of the cloud to represent Zeus. In addition there are 2 other gold lightning bolts on alternating sides to gives the cake symmetry.

Furthermore the bottom tier represents Greek architecture with fondant Greek columns and Grecian urns. I lover the baby’s name written in gold Greek styled letters on the banner. The entire bottom tier being white makes it look a lot like a fondant white marble building columns like the ones on Mount Olympus where Hercules was born. 

Baby Hercules Cake Topper

Fondant figures of Hercules and Pegasus at the top of the cake

Here’s a close-up of the fondant figures  and the fondant gold medallion.  Also here’s an interesting piece of trivia. If you look closely at Zeus and Hercules in the beginning of Disney’s animated feature Hercules, you will notice that Hercules and Zeus are wearing the same medallion. Zeus has his on his toga.  It is later referred to as the symbol of the gods.

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