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Ahsoka Cake Topper

Ahsoka Tano Cake Topper

Ahsoka Tano Cake Topper

This Ahsoka cake topper features a fondant form of this Star Wars character. The figure has its own base so it can easily be placed on the cake and also saved after the party is over.

This cake topper was made by Sweet Lin.


Ahsoka Tano Cake Topper

Alos here’s a close-up of her face. It hi-lights the detail of her eyes and face markings.

Ahsoka Tano Cake Topper

In addition her belt,  gloves and arm bands were made from separate pieces of fondant.   The detail of the eyes is amazing.

It looks like a wire frame was constructed for this Ahsoka cake topper. Then was covered with blue fondant for the pants for the legs. The rest us covered in flesh colored fondant for the skin.  Then thin pieces of brown  gumpaste / fondant were put on for the clothes. In addition the lekku look like a single piece of white fondant with  blue stripes painted on. 

Finally I love the detail of this entire piece.  It looks like an action figure.

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