Jabba and Wicket Tsum Tsum Bento Box

I wanted to feature some of the older Star Wars favorite characters since the movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premieres today.

This Superb Jabba and Wicket Tsum Tsum Bento Box was made by OMGiri

Jabba the Hutt looks cute enough to eat. He is white rice with green coloring on the top.

Wicket was made using brown rice.

Nori seaweed was used for many of their features.

Chibi Death Star and Luke Bento Box

This Marvelous Chibi Death Star and Luke Skywalker Bento Box was made by OMGiri

Luke’s face is beige colored rice. His helmet is white rice. His hair looks like it was made from yellow cheese.

Broccoli surrounds them on the bottom and sugar peas are above them. Asparagus spears are on each side.

Chibi Death Star Bento Box 2

The Death Star is made from gray colored rice. The eyes look like they were cut from a hard boiled egg white with Nori seaweed centers. 

The lines of the Death Star are made from Nori seaweed.

The mouth looks like colored egg white.

This would make a great meal for any Star Wars fan.

Donald and Daisy Duck Halloween Bento Box

This Halloween Donald and Daisy Duck Bento Box has both ducks and a Mickey pumpkin. This bento box was made by Momo’s Obentou

Donald and Daisy’s faces were made using rice balls. The eyes look like black olive pieces. the duck bills look like cheese and the hats look like pieces of carrot. The Mickey Mouse pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern was made with orange colored rice with Mickey ears added.

The bento box includes broccoli and tomatoes.

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Romantic Lady & The Tramp Ramen Noodles

These Romantic Tsum Tsum Lady & The Tramp Ramen Noodles are absolutely adorable! They were created by Jessica from Luxe and The Lady.

I’m a romantic and love the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp, so I think this is so cute.  I love that the noodle even forms a heart.

Lady is made from lo mein and ramen noodles that were colored with a bit of spicy chili sauce. 

Tramp is black rice ramen with a little cheese, nori, and ham for the details. 

Both of them are finished with fresh spring onions and parsley. 

The end result is adorable!