Santa’s Workshop Gingerbread Cookies

Santas Workshop Gingerbread cookies

Santas Workshop Gingerbread Cookies

This Santa’s Workshop Gingerbread cookie set features Santa Claus or as he is known in Russia as Grandfather Frost or Red Moroz. His granddaughter Snegurochka, also called Snow Maiden is beside him.  

These wonderful cookies were made by Glazur Bakery.

This Santa has a long beard and he is wearing a warm fur coat and has a staff to help him walk across snowdrifts.

Santa’s helpers are forest animals. A bear is wrapping a present. A rabbit is decorating the Christmas tree. Another bear is painting a toy car. A fox is helping load presents into a red bag.  Each animal is its own cookie.

The Christmas tree is a cookie and the world globe is a cookie. 

Santa Cookie

Here’s a close-up of Red Moroz in his red fur coat.

Santa Cookie


Santas Workshop Cookies

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Hogwarts Christmas Ornament Cookies

Hogwarts Christmas Cookies

Hogwarts Christmas Cookies

These Hogwarts Christmas ornament cookies are red, blue, white, and parchment brown.

These wonderful cookies were made by The KreMarie.

The blue ornament cookie has the Hogwarts crest in silver. The red ornament cookie has the 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express logo.  There parchment cookie has gold HP Harry Potter initials. In addition, the white Hogswarts Christmas ornament cookie has a stylized drawing of Hedwig.


Hogwarts Christmas Ornament Cookies

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Hogwarts at Christmas cake

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookies

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookies

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookies

These Mickey Mouse Christmas cookies have Minnie and Mickey dressed in red and white Christmas hats.

These wonderful cookies were made by Nutmeg Cookie & Pastry Co..

One cookie has Mickey and Minnie looking into each other’s eyes.

Another cookie has Mickey wearing a Santa hat.

In addition another cookie is a Mickey head with black ears and a red bottom and white trim middle. Green cookies have the words Merry Christmas written in white and red letters.

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Chip and Dale Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Daisy, Donald

Chip and Dale Christmas cookies

Red and Green Santa Minnie Cake

Green and Red Santa Mickey Birthday Cake

This red and green Santa Minnie Cake has 2 primary colors of light green and red with darker green trim. A fondant Minnie dresses as Santa is standing on top of the cake.

This wonderful cake was made by Felipe Oliveira.

A light green name plaque matches the light green of the bottom tier.  The birthday name is written in light green letters on the plaque.  A green number 1 is on the red cake board.

A red ribbon around the middle tier matches the red platform on which Minnie is standing.

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Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip & Dale, and Santa cake

Baby Donald Christmas cake