Disney Christmas Cookies

Adorable Mickey and Minnie Santa Cookies

MIckey and Minnie Santa cookies 3

These cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Cookies were made by You Can Call Me Sweetie. There are five cookies in this set. In the center is a cookie that looks like Mickey and Minnie taking a selfie together. Mickey is dressed as Santa and Minnie as Mrs. Claus. Around the center cookie is are a wreath shaped like a Mickey’s head, a Minnie head cookie dressed like Mrs. Claus and two Mickey head cookies – one dressed like Santa and the other like an elf.

While all the cookies are cute, my favorite is the Christmas wreath. If you look closely both the gold balls and holly are shaped like Mickey heads.

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Baymax’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection

Baymax Christmas Cookies

I love the creativity of bakers. I would never think to combine Baymax, ugly Christmas sweaters, and macarons together.  Katrina from Sugar Devotion came up with this brilliant idea and the results are adorable.

Baymax’s collection includes sweaters with Christmas trees, snowflakes, Mickey Mouse heads, hearts, and snowmen. Katrina also made cute macarons of Baymax wearing a scarf, holding a wreath, and holding a stocking. She also made cute Baymax macarons where he is holding the Christmas tree and the star that goes on top. Lastly, there are some where Baymax gave up on decorating the tree and is wearing the Christmas lights and has the star on the top of his head.

These Baymax Christmas Macroons are too cute!

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Cute Chip ‘n’ Dale Christmas Cookies

Chip and Dale Christmas Cookies

These cute Chip ‘n’ Dale Christmas Cookies were made by

La Casita de Galleta. Both Chip and Dale are wearing snazzy red bow ties. Chip has on a Santa hat and Dale has on reindeer antlers.  Christmas tree and candy cane cookies add to the festive holiday feel of these wonderful treats.

This is my first post of the Christmas season. I know this Christmas is going rough and different. The global pandemic has completely changed Christmas shopping, family get togethers and church services.  I wish with all my heart that I could change that. My goal between now and Christmas day is to create a blog filled with fun and Christmas cheer.


Chip and Dale Christmas Cookies 2

When I was a kid, it was really rare that Chip ‘n’ Dale cartoons where shown, so I pretty much knew them from their appearances in Donald Duck cartoons.  They were cute, but they weren’t my favorites.

These days, I really like Chip ‘n’ Dale. Seeing the characters interact with little kids at Walt Disney World made me realize how adorable these characters where and the wonderful Disney Afternoon series Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, which I used to program my VCR to record when it originally aired, made me a life long fan of this dynamic duo.

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Marvelous Mickey Mouse & Friends Christmas Cookies

Mickey Mouse & Friends Christmas Cookies

This marvelous Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas Cookies were made by Flour & Frosting.  These festive cookies feature Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, and a Little Green Man decked out for Christmas. Since Zero is a ghost, he couldn’t wear a costume.


Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Christmas Cookies

Here are Mickey, Goofy, and Donald dressed for Christmas.


Mickey Mouse Christmas Cookie

Goofy Christmas Cookie

Donald Duck Christmas Cookie

It's A Small World Christmas Cookie

Even It’s A Small World is decked out for Christmas.


Disney Christmas Cookies

Chip 'n' Dale Christmas Cookie

Pluto and Chip are from the classic Mickey Mouse Cartoon – Pluto’s Christmas Tree.

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