Superman Cakes

The Sweetest Batman v Superman You’ll Ever See!

Batman Cake

Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out this evening, I thought it was the perfect time to look at some amazing Batman and Superman sweets. This stunning Batman Cake was made by Fancy Cakes By Lauren.  My favorite part of this cake is the texture of Batman’s cape and cowl; they look like they’re made out of cloth.


Superman Cake

This marvelous Superman Cake was made by Cake Central Member Spense.  The sculpted figure of Superman is amazing!


Princess Belle and Batman Wedding Cake Topper

This stunning Princess Belle and Batman Wedding Cake Topper was made by Sophie Cartier Studios.  Belle looks beautiful in her wedding gown with her matching blue shoes and hair ribbon.  Having Belle holding a book written by Bob Kane, Batman’s co-creator, is a fantastic touch.  I love how Batman’s shirt is unbuttoned so that you can see his costume underneath.


Batman Cupcakes

These terrific Batman Cupcakes were made by Hundred and Thousands Cupcakes.  They feature Batman’s cowl and the Bat-Signal.


Superman 1st Birthday Cake

This cute Superman 1st Birthday Cake was made by Just A Simple Cake by Mommy Sue.  The figure of Superman is adorable. The top layer is red with Superman’s emblem on it.  The bottom layer looks like Metropolis at night.  The cake’s primary colors are red, blue, and yellow which are also the colors of Superman’s costume.


Batman Silhouette Cake

This elegant Gold Batman Silhouette Cake was made by Kickshaw Cakes. This gold Batman silhouette looks great against the black cake background.


Superman Minion Cake

This adorable Superman Minion Cake was made by Cecilia’s Custom Sugar Art.  Superman’s primary colors are red, blue, and yellow.
0; Since the Minion is yellow, he is the perfect choice for a Superman mashup. 


LEGO Batman Cake

Everything is awesome about this LEGO Batman Cake made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.


Superman Cookies

These great Superman Cookies were made by Oh Sugar Events.  They feature Superman, his symbol, a bridge in front of the Metropolis cityscape, and lit bombs.


Batman 5th Birthday Cake

This great Batman 5th Birthday Cake was made by Pink Cake Box. It is a topsy turvy cake with black and white comic book panels on the bottom layer.


Superman Cookies

These superb Superman Cookies were made by Craft Me A Cookie. They feature Superman tearing off his outer clothes.  I love how Clark Kent’s glasses are just flying off behind Superman.  They must be made out of some indestructible material.


Batman Cake

This great Batman Cake was made by Lori’s Custom Cakes.  It is a two layer cake.  The bottom layer is grey with Batman’s chest emblem. Wrapped around this layer is Batman’s utility belt.  The second layer is the Gotham cityscape at night.

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World’s Finest Couple: Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne

SBTU4 Official header

 Welcome to Super-Blog Team-Up Volume #4!. 

Today, 14 blogs team up to tackle the Best, Most Unique and Unusual Team-Ups. Stay tuned for the rest of these great blogs links at the end of this post.


Between The Pages and Super-Blog Team-Up Volume #4 is proud to present:

World’s Finest Couple: Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne.

BetweenThePages Super Blog Teamup Header


I owe a big Thank You to Charlton Hero for designing this comic book banner for me.

An episode that I really like from Superman: The Animated Series is called World’s Finest. It originally aired in 1997 and features the unlikely team-ups of Batman and Superman and Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne. 

Superman Cake

This Marvelous Superman Cake was made by Pam, a student in one of Mike’s Amazing Cakes classes. 

In this episode Superman and Batman meet for the first time.  In order to defeat the Joker and Lex Luthor, they realize that they must put aside their differences and work together.  Lois Lane is the focus of one of disagreements between Superman and Batman.


Superman Cake

This Awesome Superman Cake was made byRichard’s Cakes.


The episode explores what would happen if Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne met and fell in love. 


Batman Cake Topper

This stunning Belle and Batman Wedding Cake Topper was made by Sophie Cartier Studios.


The episode starts with the Joker.


Joker Cake

This stunning Joker Cake was made by Torte in Pasta di Zucchero Sugar Factory


Because Batman continues to thwart the Joker plans, the Joker is really hurting for cash. One night the Joker robs an Antique store, but he only takes a jade laughing dragon statue worth about one hundred thousand dollars. 


Batman Cake

This Splendid Batman Cake was made by Di’s Delights.

The Batman discovers that the dragon was really composed of kryptonite instead of jade.


Joker Cake

This amazing Joker & Harley Quinn cake topper was made by Kharygoarts


Meanwhile, the Joker goes to Lex Luthor in Metropolis and offers to kill Superman if Lex will pay him one billion dollars for accomplishing the impossible.  Batman goes to Metropolis and informs Superman that the Joker just stole a large amount of Kryptonite.  As a cover, Bruce Wayne goes to Metropolis to check up on a joint research effort involving deep space drones between Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp.


Superman Cake

Spense on Cake Central made this amazing Superman cake and won first place in Cake Central’s 2009 Super Heroes Cake Contest.


Bruce Wayne arrives at the airport and meets Lois Lane.  She is smitten by his looks and charm. He invitees her to dinner and dancing and they progress to going out nightly.  They really like each other to the extent that Lois is ready to move to the Gotham City Bureau of the Daily Planet. 


Batman Wedding Cake

This amazing Batman Weddig Cake was made by Bite Me Bakery.

While on a date with Bruce, Lois is kidnapped by the Joker and Bruce is nearly killed. Half of the Kryptonite is destroyed when Lois is rescued by Batman and Superman. 


Superman Cake 

This Superb Superman Cake was made by Cake Central Member Di-Di.


The Joker and Lex Luthor occupy Superman with a distress call out at sea while they lure Batman into a trap using the robots that were developed for deep space in the joint venture with Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp.


Batman Cake 

This Awesome Batman Cake was made by Cake Central Member Galatia.


Batman avoids the robot and gets to the Planet Building only to find that Lois is the only one there and Superman is at sea towing a distressed ship.  He lures the robot to the print presses and traps it, but loses his cowl in the process.  Lois discovers his true identity as Bruce Wayne.  He retrieves his cowl and puts it back on.  The robot lunges after him once more and Superman files in and saves the day just in time. 


Batman Cake 

This Amazing Batman Cake was made by Fancy Cakes By Lauren.

Near the end of the episode, Lois is doctoring Bruce’s wounds and lamenting that she is sitting on top of the biggest st
ory in her career – Batman unmasked,  She can’t print it because she loves Bruce Wayne. 


Batman Wedding Cake

This Wonderful Batman Wedding cake was made by Stiletto Studio NZ.

Superman flies in the window and asks for Batman’s help.  They talk about the idea that Lois would be happy if they could mix and match because Lois loves Bruce Wayne and Superman but is not crazy about Batman and Clark Kent. 


Superman Cake

This great Superman Cake was made by For The Love of Cake.


They go off together and defeat the Joker, destroy the remaining Kryptonite, and rescue Lex Luthor.


Bstman Cake

This terrific Batman Cake was made by Cakes by Andreea.

The episode ends with Bruce flying back to Gotham and Lois staying in Metropolis and not seeing any more of Bruce Wayne because she cannot handle his secret identity. 


Superman Cake  

This Superb Superman Cake was made by Piece of Cake.


I liked the episode because it shows that Batman can hold his own against Superman and I thought it was a neat idea to have Lois Lane fall for Bruce Wayne. It is an interesting twist that Lois is in love with Superman, and she has right under her nose Clark Kent the mild-mannered, unassuming reporter, the man behind Superman, but she does not think he is worth bothering with as far as a relationship is concerned.  On the other hand, she thinks suave, sophisticated, and debonair Bruce Wayne is wonderful and falls in love with him, but she finds she cannot stand the man he really is – Batman.




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 Masters of the Universe

8 Superb Superman Cakes

Superman Cake

Spense made this amazing Superman cake and won first place in Cake Central’s 2009 Super Heroes Cake Contest. The sculpture of Superman was made of Rice Krispies Treats for the body, marzipan for the head, and fondant for the outer covering. The stone base is cake covered in fondant. This cake can be found on Cake Central.



Superman Cake

The London Cake Company created this beautifully designed Superman Cake.




Superman Cake 

This Superman’s costume cake was created by cre8ivemary


Superman Cake 

This superb superman sculpture was done by Adrain and can be found in RDPJ Cakes Photostream.  He has pictures of how he created the sculpture.



Superman Cake

This cake was made by apirenain for a lucky 4 year old.




Superman Cake

The Cake Store of London created this next Superman cake.




Superman & Batman Cake

This Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man cake was made by Auckland Cake Art


Superman Cake

This Superman costume cake was made by an unknown artist.

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