Legend of Zelda

Beware! This Legend Of Zelda Cake Is Coming At You!

Legend Of Zelda Cake

This wonderful Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Cake was made by Las tartas del cachorro. Daniel made this cake for the Game On Cake Collaboration.  This cake collaboration tries to bring those video games that we loved as kids to life as sugar art.

The cake features the Skull Kid wearing the Majora’s Mask.  He is playing Legends of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on an Xbox.  Link with his sword and shield in hand has jumped out of the TV screen and looks ready to attack the Skull Kid.


Zelda Cake

I love the way it looks like Link has jumped out of the television screen and is hovering in the air above the Skull Kid.  He has his shield in one hand.  His sword is in his other hand and it looks like Link is about to swing it down at The Skull Kid.  I wish this cake had sound because it looks like Link is yelling at the Skull Kid.  The detail on Link is wonderful.

I like the way that the cake board looks like a hardwood floor.  The widescreen TV is on top of wooden TV stand with two drawers and a door.  On the floor in front of the Skull Kid is an Xbox and Xbox controller.


 Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Cake

Daniel’s figure of the Skull Kid is terrific.  Having the Skull Kid wearing the Majora’s Mask is perfect because it makes the Skull Kid look like he is wide eyed in shock.  His head is leaning back just a little and he is looking up at Link.  He even has one arm raised up as if that is going to do any good against Link’s sword.

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