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Donald Duck Meets Vincent van Gogh

Welcome to the Between the Pages Museum of edible art!

If this is your first visit here, we request that you silence your cell phone so that you do not disturb the other people views these culinary masterpieces.

Hold one one second, I have a call from building security?


The is a duck in the museum?

Donald Duck!

Quick, get his autograph.

He did what?

Does he have any idea how much that painting was worth?

Is he quakers?

Forgive me, lovers of art, but we seem to have had an incident in our Vincent van Gogh display.

So we need to hurry there immediately.

The first painting in this gallery is one of van Gogh’s self portraits.

Why has someone covered this priceless painting?

Let me just peek behind the curtain.






Forgiven me for intruding, but your original host seems to have fainted.  Good tour guides are so hart to find.  So I’ll be your host from here out.


Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat

One of the things that  Vincent van Gogh is famous for is painting self-portraits.  One of his most famous portraits is called Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat.


Wouter Tulp's Donald Duck Cover

For the cover of a Donald Duck comic book, Wouter Tulp painted a version with Donald Duck taking the place of Vincent van Gogh.


Wouter Tulp's Donald Duck Painting

The painting was so popular that it ended up being displayed at the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.


Donald Duck / Vincent van Gogh Cake

Wendy Schlagwein saw Wouter Tulp painting at the museum and decided to recreate it as this mindboggling 3-D cake.  Take it from someone who dabbles in cakes, the complexity of this cake makes my head hurt.  Wendy was taking a 2-D painting and turning it into a 3-D cake.  Plus, she was imitating one of the greatest painters in history.  The end results of this amazingly complex design is a cake that is stunning.  I can’t decide which is more amazing – Wendy’s carving of Vincent van Duck or Wendy’s painting on the cake and the background.  The cake is instantly recognizable as both Vicent van Gogh and Donald Duck.  Wendy paint job manages to imitate both Wouter Tulp and Vicent van Gogh.


Close-up of Donald Duck / Vincent van Gogh Cake

If you step closer, you can see Wendy’s masterpiece even better. 

Sorry for the earlier chaos and I hope you enjoyed today’s visit the Between the Pages Museum of edible art!  You tour does not have to end here.  There are over THREE THOUSAND pieces of edible art on display.  Just click on one of the pictures bellow to continue your tour.

If you must leave, the Between the Pages Museum of edible art is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a years, and charges no admission fee.  Every day, we add at least one new item to our collection.  So, please come back again and If you see something you love, please share it with your friends.