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Awesome Hagrid’s Hut Cake

Hagrids Hut Cake

This awesome Hagrid’s Hut cake has 2 doors and 4 windows.  I like the rustic look of the hut. There are pumpkins in front of each set of stairs. Green moss covers the roof and the ground around the hut.

This wonderful cake was made by Totally Sugar.

This cake was made for the Harry Potter Magical Cake Collaboration.

Hagrids Hut Cake

Here’s a close-up of one of the doors. It looks like it is made of fondant wood planks with diagonal fondant planks running across it.  The windows are covered in edible white lattice covers. The stone steps are different thicknesses and are uneven to add to the rustic look.

There’s a stack of logs beside one of the stairs.


Hagrids Hut Cake

Here’s a slice of cake being removed. It looks like the roof was made with cake pop filling.

Green burlap ribbon matches the green grass and moss on the cake board.


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