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Enchanted Garden Birthday Cookies & Fondant Cake Toppers

Enchanted Garden Birthday Cookies & Fondant Cake Toppers

I made these Enchanted Garden Birthday cookies & fondant cake toppers for a 1st birthday celebration.I’ve also included some affiliate links of products I used to make these and also some of the steps I used to make everything.   This set includes Snail and number one cookies. In addition,  I  made a matching pink and gold snail from fondant. Also, I made a fondant tree stump, red and white mushrooms, pink mushrooms, and small snails. Each set of mushrooms has a fondant green grass base.  The theme of the party was enchanted garden and snails since the child’s nickname was Abbi-Snail.


Enchanted Garden Birthday Cookies & Fondant Cake Toppers

First I designed the snail cookies and used a Cricut to design and cut out 2 stencils: one for the snail body and one for the shell. I airbrushed the body in golden yellow. Next I used a stencil and pink royal icing to create the shell and the snail’s eye. I also designed the shell with the letter A for Abby’s name. 



The mom requested fondant snails and mushrooms and a tree stump as cake toppers.  I designed clusters of mushrooms and snails that could decorate her sheet cake. I used green fondant to create bases for the groups of mushrooms and snails.  In addition, I made the stump using 2 Oreo cookies as a base surrounded by 2 colors of fondant. I shaped the fondant to look like tree bark and the wood grain of the top of the tree stump.  It was a resting place for the snail that matched the snail cookies.

Here’s a picture of the 1/2 sheet cake the mom put the fondant cake toppers on.  She also used paper leaves and a Happy Birthday sign to add to the decorations on the cake.


Enchanted Garden Birthday Cookies & Fondant Cake Toppers

 In addition to the snails and mushrooms, I had a flower pot mold that I thought would make a cute way to put the child’s name on the cake so I made small potted plants with letters to spell out the name Abbi. These fit nicely with the enchanted garden theme of the 1st birthday party.  The mom used the larger snail as a decoration for a snail cinnamon roll she made for the birthday girl.

I made used the Alphabet flower pot molds  below to make the pots.


Here’s a closer look at the snail cookies.  I like to have a cookie design where there is a minimal amount of royal icing so the cookie does not taste too sweet.  I used Lila Loa vanilla cookie recipe to make the cookies. It always turns out well. Then I made a pink royal icing border around the cookies. Next I flooded the cookies with white royal icing. Next I used a stencil to airbrush the snail body in a golden yellow. After that I used a stencil and pink royal icing to make the snail shell.  The pink eye is also raised since it was done using royal icing.

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