Little Mermaid

Cute Ariel and Flounder Cake

Little Mermaid Cake

Ariel and Flounder Cake

This cute Little Mermaid cake has an adorable picture of Ariel and Flounder. This cake also has blue starfish on top the cake. The starfish look like they may be cookies.

This wonderful cake was made by Anis Cake

Ariel is hugging Flounder and looks very happy to see him and he is hugging her and looks happy to see her too. What a cute picture!

The cake is pink with blue lines on the top and blue on the bottom to represent the coral and the ocean. The blue of the ocean matches the blue of the starfish. 

Ariel is wearing a purple flower in her hair and has on a matching top.

Beautiful Ariel 4th Birthday Cake

Ariel 4th Birthday Cake created by Caramel Patisserie

This adorable 4th Birthday Cake features Ariel and Flounder. It was created by Caramel Patisserie. This is a single tier barrel cake with Flounder swimming at the bottom and Ariel sitting on a rock on the top. The cake is decorated with plants, star fish, sea shells, and clams. The cake is light blue with air bubbles to make everything look like it is set under the sea.


Ariel 4th Birthday Cake Topper created by Caramel Patisserie

The star of the cake is this Ariel cake topper. This is one of the prettiest Little Mermaid Cake Toppers I’ve ever seen.

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How Does One Carve Pumpkins Under The Sea?

Little Mermaid Pumpkin Carving

This wonderful Little Mermaid Pumpkin Carving was created by The Pumpkin Professor.  The pumpkin carving is framed by sea shells.  Ariel is resting against these sea shells.  She has one hand on her face and her hair is flowing in the water.  My favorite part of the pumpkin is that the open area in the carving is filled with little waves.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this awesome effect in a pumpkin carving before.

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Aquaman Meets The Little Mermaid

Aquaman meets The Little Mermaid Cake

This cool Aquaman meets The Little Mermaid cake was made by Andrea Kato Cake Designer.  The cake is painted blue to look like water and has sea weed, corals, and fish on it.  Hand painted version of Aquaman and Ariel are holding hands and swimming towards the front of the cake.  There are air bubbles attached to the cake and “sand” around the bottom of the cake to give it a neat 3-D effect.

The top of the cake has air bubbles, sea shells, a star fish, and Aquaman’s trident.


Close-up of Ariel

Instead of painting Aquaman and Ariel on another surface and then affixing them to the cake, Andrea painted them directly on the cake.  While that is much harder to do, I think it was a terrific choice because the characters blend in so well with the rest of the painted background.


Hand painted Shark

Fish are friends not food!

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