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Adorable Mickey & Minnie Gingerbread Men

These cute gingerbread men cookies look like Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Mickey & Minnie Gingerbread Men

These adorable Mickey & Minnie Gingerbread Men were made by Three Melons Bake Shop. I really like how Megan used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter to shape sugar cookies. Then she added brown icing and white trim to make them look like tradional gingerbread men. Mickey has a green bow tie. Minnie has a frill where her skirt ends and she is wearing a red bow on her head.

Megan did a wonderful job photographing these cute cookies. Mickey and Minnie are gingerbread brown with white accents. Those are really soft colors, so photographing them is tricky. Putting Mickey and Minnie on a soft brown board that looks like a sled is brilliant. The wood grain is so light that it actually makes the brown icing on the cookies stand out. Plus, using a board that is shaped like a sled gives the photograph more of a wintery feel. The setting is accented with a bough of holly and adorable star cookie cutter Christmas lights. I’ve never seen those light before and they are too cute!

Three Melons Bake Shop is located in Woodstock, Virginia and the winner Julia M. Usher Cookie Art Competition. They’re on the web, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They have an online store and an Etsy shop. You can order these cute cookies via the online store.

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