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These JLA Cake Toppers Are Here To Save The Day

Wonder Woman Cake Topper

Cartoon Cake Village makes absolutely wonderful superhero cake toppers.  Each one is handcrafted in sugar paste.  Here is Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman is wearing her red, white, blue, and gold costume.  She has her silver bracelets and red and white boots.  She is wearing her tiara and has her lasso at her side.



Superman Cake Topper

Here is Superman.  He looks like he is just about to take flight.  I like the fact that Superman is wearing his classic costume with the red shorts.  For the last few years, DC Comics has tried different costumes for Superman and none of them worked for me.  I really like the classic costume.


Batman and Robin Cake Topper

Here are Batman and Robin.  I think this is the first cake topper I’ve seen with Damian Wayne as Robin.  Robin is almost always Dick Grayson or the Robin from Teen Titans Go!.  Damian Wayne is the newest Robin in comic books.  He is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul.


Flash Cake Topper

The Flash looks like he is racing to the rescue.  He is wearing his traditional red and gold costume with gold boots and gloves.  I really enjoyed the first season of the new Flash TV show.  If you haven’t see it, I highly recommend it.


Catwoman Cake Topper

I know Catwoman isn’t usually associated with the JLA, but I like her too much to leave her out.  Catwoman is wearing her traditional black body suit, boots, gloves, and cowl with the cat ears.  She is holding a whip.  Catwoman is one of my favorite characters in the Batman universe.  I like the fact that she is much more complex than most of Batman’s foes and I enjoy her on and off romance with Batman.

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