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Bugs Bunny & Foes Easter Eggs

Bugs Bunny Easter Egg
Bugs Bunny

These wonderful Bugs Bunny and Foes Easter Eggs were made by Danny Kissel.

Every October, I feature spooktacular pumpkin carvings. Danny is one of the amazing pumpkin artists that I’ve featured in the past. Here are three examples of his cool carvings, Danny created this wonderful Marvin the Martian pumpkin carving, this cute Garfield pumpkin carving and this terrific Charlie Brown pumpkin sculpture. I was thrilled to discover that Danny also creates hand drawn Easter Eggs of classic cartoon characters.

These Bugs Bunny & Foes Easter Eggs include Bugs, Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil.

Bugs is one of the great cartoon characters. He works equally well performing opera with Elmer Fudd, saving the woods for the whirlwind that is the Tasmanian Devil, tricking Yosemite Sam and his dragon during medieval times, outwitting Marvin the Martian in outer space or outsmarting Daffy Duck during rabbit season. These wonderful Bugs Bunny & Foes Easter Eggs include Bugs and two of his greatest enemies – Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil.

Yosemite Sam Easter Egg

Yosemite Sam Easter Egg
Yosemite Sam

Part of what makes Yosemite Sam such a great foe for Bugs Bunny is that he plays the villain in any era equally well. He’s been a bad guy in the wild west, a pirate, a Hessian (without aggression) during the American Revolution, a knight, a Roman legionnaire, a Confederate soldier and even an alien from outer space. That he fit so well as the villain is so many different settings makes him one of the most enjoyable of Bug Bunny’s foes.

Tasmanian Devil Easter Egg

Tasmanian Devil Easter Egg
Tasmanian Devil

This will blow your mind. How many classic Looney Tunes cartoons featured the Tasmanian Devil?


I could have sworn it was a lot more than that.

From those humble beginnings, Taz would become so popular that he had his own animated series – Taz-Mania – which lasted for four seasons. I think Taz may be the only one of Bug Bunny’s foes to have his own animated series.

I’m showing my biases, but I think Marvin the Martian and Yosemite Sam could have carried their own series as well.

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